Experiencing the Art of 360

Auspicious Cloud implies blessing and happiness.
Peony symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and good fortune.
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Ocean & Cliff Pattern stands for the unification of a country.
Bat implicates the meaning of happiness and fortune.
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About JC Jessie

JC Jessie graduated with a Master in Fine Arts Degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016. She is currently a research-based interdisciplinary art practitioner, special topic researcher and culture heritage carrier. In recent years, she is actively promoting Cantonese Opera costume culture and its heritage in various art creation projects. Her “East meets West” & “Old into New” approaches reinterpret an ancient Chinese performing art heritage by deconstructing traditional cultural material found in Cantonese Opera costume, boosting new energy into her works through contemporary yet vivacious expressions in colour, media, structure, flow and materials.

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